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A recycled foam pad, 45mm thick, installed over a crushed rock, asphalt or concrete base. TigerTurf landscape grass, 35mm in pile height is then loose laid on top. Easy to install, no maintenance required and a warranty with critical fall height that lasts and lasts.

Characteristics – TigerPad

Applications Areas

Product Matrix critical Fall Height
35mm Landscape grass + 1 X TigerPad 45mm •2m
35mm Landscape grass + 2 X TigerPad 45mm •3m

BSW Shock Pad

More than 40 years ago the internationally known brand material Regupol was developed by BSW and their product range is used extensively the world over, including sport. The shock pads are usually supplied in rolls and ideally used for sports surfaces for cushioning the fall of players, providing a high amount of shock absorption and also for critical fall heights. It is also suitable for all applications that require attenuation of impact sound and vibration, durability and resistance to mechanical loads. It is not only long lasting, but is resilient and can be recycled.

Applications Areas

Foam Pads

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Softness •Soft touch
•Spreads load peaks
High chemical resistance •No deterioration when in contact with chemical substances
Humidity resistance •Long life in humid conditions, does not decay or rot
Easy to compress •Excellent sealing against dust, draught, noise and cold
•Conforms well to irregular gaps
•Seals without deformation of adjacent structure
Environmentally neutral •No heavy metals
•No dangerous additives (plasticizers)
•Free of CFC’s and HCFC’s