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ITF certified TigerTurf is simply a more professional playing surface, designed in consultation with the best players and engineered to keep them at the top of their game. Not only that, we have a range of speeds to suit every playing need. From comfort to speed, from rallies to serve and volley, TigerTurf is the Ace when it comes to tennis!

WHY TIGERTURF – The Turf That Never Retires

  • Lasts 3 times longer than conventional hard courts / acrylic courts
  • Low maintenance and requires no watering, mowing or rolling
  • Sand in-fill soaks up large amount of water and play can resume faster
  • Responds to spin, yet retains bounce
  • Synthetic grass is cushioned and hence less risk of injury
  • Surface is not slippery or dangerous when wet and has excellent traction
  • The court does not get as hot as other conventional surfaces and can be hosed down
  • Surface difficult to vandalize for scraping or gouging merely displaces sand in-fill
  • Surface is glare free and UV stabilized
  • Low abrasion prolongs the life of the tennis ball and sports’ shoes, not to mention the cushioned surface being stress free on body joints
  • Surface absorbs noise and echoes
  • Choice of colours to suit surroundings, along with permanently tufted lines


  • Premium quality, pre-blended pure acrylic finish
  • All-weather sporting surface with excellent abrasion resistance and uniform texture
  • Manufactured from premium 100% acrylic resins
  • Confident player footing and true ball bounce
  • Economical and wide range of colours
  • Skid and water resistant
  • Both indoor and outdoor applications