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sliderconnects sports with social, educational and economic objectives An integrated, ready-made solution in a single container that contains a sports field measuring 8,000 square feet (can be made to order).
Turf suited for football, hockey, cricket, handball and rugby.
Can be installed on virtually any surface while the container itself can be converted into a sports canteen, classroom, meeting place or an office.
With a very modest CO2 footprint, the integrated system also corresponds to the UNs 17 global goals for sustainable development.
This unique approach helps develop characteristics such as leadership, self-confidence, team spirit and perseverance through sport.
Helps encourage the participation of all groups in this healthy, social activity, especially children.
The Field in a box TM makes it possible to build up a sustainable and accessible sports infrastructure.
Helps contribute to social, ecological and economic change.

Come, live your Corporate Social Responsibility through our Box Full of Dreams.

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