Advantages of using ECB certified TigerTurf cricket pitches

Advantages of using ECB certified TigerTurf cricket pitches

In an ideal world, cricket would be played on good quality natural grass pitches. However, clubs at all levels are under pressure to ensure that games and training sessions go ahead as often as possible – due to climatic conditions and the cost of maintaining natural grass pitches, synthetic cricket turf is now becoming an increasingly popular choice to keep players occupied, regardless of the weather and usage.

Over the years, artificial cricket pitch experts have invested in the development of cricket turf that are designed to simulate the performance of a good quality natural grass pitch. The results are so successful that the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has begun the option of using synthetic cricket pitches in clubs from grassroots to the first-class level.


ECB certified cricket turf

The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has set certain performance measures that artificial cricket pitch systems must meet for both game and practice sessions. Altius Sports is a market leader in the provision of synthetic cricket pitch that meet these rigorous measures – producing artificial pitches that are designed to simulate the performance of a natural cricket pitch.

Altius Sports has been a leader in the design, installation and maintenance of synthetic cricket pitches for over a decade in India and 40 years world-wide! Not only that, these synthetic turf cricket pitches are impervious to extremes of temperature, are all-weather and equally performing both indoor and outdoor.

Meticulous Performance Standards

When looking to install a new synthetic cricket pitch facility for practice or match play, choosing an ‘ECB approved’ (England & Wales Cricket Board) artificial cricket pitch design is crucial to enable clubs and schools to tap into funding from various governing bodies for sport.

There is strict criterion that must be met in order to become an ECB preferred supplier. The turf has to have been thoroughly tested against criteria set out in the ECB’s Performance Standards for Non-Turf Cricket Pitches document, which provides benchmarks which pitch designs must meet to earn ECB approved status.

Correct ball bounce as well as great response to spin

Correct ball bounce as well as great response to spin

Rigorous Testing
As part of the process, pitches are tested on performance, construction and materials requirements. Performance Requirements cover “the ball/surface and player/surface interactions considered necessary to provide a satisfying game of cricket to take place”, whilst Construction Requirements “define the dimensions, endurance and gradients for match pitches and training areas to ensure they provide a satisfying playing environment”. Finally, Materials Requirements “define the quality of the synthetic material used to develop non-turf pitches to ensure they will last for a realistic period of time”.

A Pioneering Supplier
When it comes to the design and installation of ECB approved artificial cricket pitches, Altius Sports has been a leader in the field in India while TigerTurf has manufactured/installed tens of thousands of cricket pitches world-wide. Love of the sport

By choosing Altius Sports, customers also know they are not only working with a company that exhibits industry best practice, but also one that is committed to improving the sport of cricket. For sports clubs, this is a great selling point as the manufacturers are often well-known names that can raise the prestige of facilities.

The range includes:

  • Tiger Test

Tiger turf is made from polyethylene which has been designed to offer a balanced game between bat and ball and boost turn. It can be found at clubs playing from grassroots to professional level across the country in both artificial match pitch form and synthetic cricket practice net.

  • Premier

Premier is made from polypropylene. The bound – or engineered – base design offers greater stability in flood risk areas and, initially, lower maintenance requirements in high-use open sites.

Services include:

  • New system design and installation
  • Funding advice
  • Turf system maintenance
  • Existing system refurbishment
  • Bespoke options available (netting/fencing)

If you’re interested in finding out more about cricket pitch installations, why not contact us to speak to an expert?


Ashok Rathore | Founder & Director - Oscar Foundation

Oscar Foundation is a football development non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children and youth in low-income communities in India.

TBC Park Aizawl, Mizoram

Set on a hilltop with a breath-taking view, this ‘pay n play’ facility has encapsulated the interest of the people of Mizoram.

Tashi Namgyal Academy - Gangtok

Altius Sports designed synthetic turf surface for Tashi Namgyal Academy in Gangtok. The first in Sikkim to get the TigerTurf upgrade.

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