6 Reasons How TigerTurf Synthetic Turf Improves Player Performance


Synthetic turf has evolved remarkably over the last few decades. Synthetic turf from TigerTurf by Altius Sports looks more professional and feels just like natural grass. Upgrade your grass/mud field to something that is proven to have a positive impact on player performance. Give your players the edge with our synthetic turf. The high usage, all-weather TigerTurf has been seen to improve the performance of the players on the field. Study after study has concluded that artificial turf provides players with a demonstrable advantage over a standard grass field..

No matter the level of competition at which your players compete — high school, college, or professional — an artificial turf has many advantages to offer.

1. Get more time on the field, day-in and day-out When it rains on a standard grass field, all practices and games need to be cancelled, because playing just a single game on mud can ruin a grass field for weeks or months. Wet grass makes it slippery for players to play and also prone to injury. And if the clouds do not go away, it takes forever for the field to dry.

A synthetic turf field is naturally resistant to damage from rain, mud, or snow. It means no match or practice cancellations. That dependability allows team players to practice on a consistent basis and count on playing conditions that are largely unchanged despite severe weather without the need for heavy maintenance like natural fields.


Highest level of durability

2. Longer durability

Throughout India, most sports programs do not have the luxury of practicing on a separate field other than the one on which they play. Practicing three to four times a week plus gameday takes a heavy toll on a standard grass field.

When used on a regular basis, natural grass fields can become worn out and rock-hard, becoming a potential safety threat to players. This is especially true in a contact sport like football where falling on the ground is inevitable. If you practice on the same field on which you play, synthetic turf not only proves more shock absorbent than natural grass, it still plays true despite heavy use. As a result, players find TigerTurf a safer alternative to well-trod grass.

  1. Uniformity and sustainability in every blade of grass

Because it’s human-made, TigerTurf fields are designed with each blade placed precisely the same distance from the one nearest it with perfect consistency over every single yard. This innovative process is designed for speed, better stability and performance, and to increase a player’s safety.

Unlike a normal grass field, when athletes run or play on synthetic turf, they’re likely to see better footing, optimized speed and performance compared to a natural grass alternative.

Consistently smooth ground with no patches or bumps

Consistently smooth ground with no patches or bumps

  1. Weather-resistant pitch

Over the course of a season, a heavily used grass field can develop uneven surfaces, patches of mud and even the occasional potholes. These naturally occurring hindrances to grass can put players at risk of severe injuries.

The base construction under our TigerTurf pitch contains optimum drainage, so regardless of the weather, training and matches can continue without concern over muddy, water-logged pitches that will take days or even months to recover.

Synthetic turf is “green” even during the winter months or cold season. Colder temperatures can result in hard, frozen grass pitches, but artificial grass provides a surface for players to train on which is the same as during the summer months.

  1. Advanced technology in artificial grass

The synthetic grass pitches being manufactured and installed today are as close to real grass as you can get.

TigerTurf’s technological advancements in manufacturing artificial grass have led to yarn developments which now simulate real grass. For example, when under pressure, the yarn twists and bends, like real grass would, to create a bounce-back action which doesn’t result in weak points in the fibre.

No stagnant water, no muddy fields or cancellations

No stagnant water, no muddy fields or cancellations

  1. No maintenance interference with play time

Natural grass needs to be seeded periodically, and “rested” between heavy use if it is to maintain a lush look and regular play. Even more troubling, grass goes dormant in cold temperatures in the winter. Any flaws on the field at that time often cannot be fixed until the coming spring.

Artificial turf fields require maintenance to remain at peak condition, but they do not need to be mowed, seeded or rested between practices. This ensures more uninterrupted playtime for your team. Turf fields are also immune to dormancy, which makes it possible for players to practice in the turf field despite the time of year.


Your home field deserves to live up to your team’s expectations. Take the next step with the experts at Altius Sports and let’s work together to find the perfect synthetic turf for you. Our unique approach to the industry means that you’ll get a partner as committed as you are to providing your team with a reliable substitute to grass.


Ashok Rathore | Founder & Director - Oscar Foundation

Oscar Foundation is a football development non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children and youth in low-income communities in India.

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Set on a hilltop with a breath-taking view, this ‘pay n play’ facility has encapsulated the interest of the people of Mizoram.

Tashi Namgyal Academy - Gangtok

Altius Sports designed synthetic turf surface for Tashi Namgyal Academy in Gangtok. The first in Sikkim to get the TigerTurf upgrade.

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