Option Defining Colours


Use colour to define, design, combine and streamline your play and sports areas.
Using different colours in Altitus sports and playground synthetic turfs bring drama and energy to schools, early learning centres and community sports centres.
Whatever the required use of the grounds, the range of colours available mean you can create the facility that is best for your community.

Kindy, Early Childhood Centres and Primary Schools

Colour is an essential building block of early childhood education; colours are the first stage in advancing children’s ability to understand abstract concepts. Bright, engaging playgrounds advance learning and health at this important stage of development.

Colour and shapes aid cognitive development in young children

Children see colour and shapes all around them from birth and are drawn to bright colours instinctively.
Learning about colour is a precursor to learning about the rest of their world, including more abstract concepts such as numbers and letters.
Altitus’s Kindy surfaces, developed especially for early childhood centres, can turn every area into an opportunity to learn.

Colourful TigerPlay defines play areas for pre-schools

Colour can define areas:

  • Regular inspection of your lawn for moss or algae, especially in damp weather and in shaded areas.
  • If you spray with chemicals, do use the correct rates and application method recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The turf can be sprayed three monthly if necessary.
  • TurfGuard is supplied by Altitus as the most effective and safe product to use on our landscape lawns. You can order this by telephone or email and we will have it delivered to you.
Preschool and primary teachers develop language by talking about colours

The colours the children first meet while playing on Altitus playgrounds also appear in their books, their toys and their play equipment.

Children associate them as being the same colour as the surface under the swings, near the door, or where the trikes are ridden.


Taiaotea Kindergarten used a clear green Altitus Envy landscape lawn with our TigerPad safety pad beneath in the swing area. The Envy lawn acts as a clear visual cue to make children aware of the swing area and are taught to wait at the edge of the green lawn for their turn on the swing, or to walk around the edge at a safe distance from the swings.

Altitus’s colours create safe, bright playground themes

Discoveries Early Learning Centre created a seaside theme with TigerPlay in blue, yellow and green colours that light up the outdoor playground. The various coloured areas can be used for different age groups, different activities, or as a setting for imaginative games.

The Discoveries Early Learning Centre had a TigerPad laid beneath the TigerPlay surface so that play equipment could be safely placed anywhere, depending on the daily teaching plan.


Use Altitus bright-coloured playground turfs to design imaginative graphics for games: chessboards, hop scotch, snakes and ladders, and clock faces are only some of the popular choices for school playgrounds

Altitus colour adds fun to sports and games in primary schools

Chester-HillThe Lakes Primary School, South Morang, find the coloured surfaces are perfect for use in ball games such as four-square, quoits and padder tennis.

Ask your students what they’d like included in the Altitus playground and together you’ll come up with some fabulous designs that everyone feels proud of.


Using colour to create one court for several sports


When there are several sports to be accommodated and space is limited, multi-sport courts work brilliantly for school, community and home use.

With the clever use of colour, one multi-sport court can be used for several different sports.

  • For durable, high performance hard courts for tennis, netball and basketball we generally use fibrillated turfs such as Classic, Tournament, and Elite which come in a range of different colour options.
  • To produce durable, softer surfaces that are great for hockey, as well as being soft enough for recreational football, futsal and playgrounds, our texturised surfaces such as Wett Pro, Evo Pro, Trophy and Advantage use advanced monofilament technology in a range of strong colours defining the different sporting codes while combining them into one area


Spotswood College and Freyberg High School use bold colours in dashing green and blue to define the hockey pitch and the courts.

Red, yellow and white turf lines differentiate the markings of the full-size hockey pitch, and the four courts for tennis, netball and basketball.


A Altitus running track in a warm, terracotta brick colour border the facilities, streamlining the synthetic turfs in one efficient multi-sport area.

Portable goals and tennis nets make it easy to set up a practice session for any of the above sports within a short time.

Multi-coloured synthetic turfs create vibrant, multi-purpose facilities for community sports centres


Multi-sport tennis courts for families


Private court owners are also seeing the benefits of using colour in their courts. The trend from traditional green or blue tennis courts to colourful multi-sports courts is growing as families see the advantages of courts that can accommodate a variety of sports. Hockey, netball, tennis, volleyball and parties – the court will be used all year for family games and serious skill building.



Ashok Rathore | Founder & Director - Oscar Foundation

Oscar Foundation is a football development non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children and youth in low-income communities in India.

TBC Park Aizawl, Mizoram

Set on a hilltop with a breath-taking view, this ‘pay n play’ facility has encapsulated the interest of the people of Mizoram.

Tashi Namgyal Academy - Gangtok

Altius Sports designed synthetic turf surface for Tashi Namgyal Academy in Gangtok. The first in Sikkim to get the TigerTurf upgrade.

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