Why is synthetic grass perfect for your home?


We’ve all longed for spending quality time in our garden be it with family, our pets or simply idling around and taking in the beauty of nature. However, every garden needs proper maintenance, which means mowing, watering, spraying fertilizers, etc., and this is an arduous process which we often hesitate to do.

The real question then is whether there is any other easy way of keeping your grass healthy throughout the year without the tedious process of maintaining it? The answer, of course, is yes. The solution for it is a synthetic grass lawn. Synthetic grass has been gaining ground fast and also a reputation for being environment-friendly as it doesn’t require water or mowing or fertilizers. Plus, synthetic grass from TigerTurf looks and feels like the real thing.

Synthetic grass has been gaining ground fast

Let’s look at a few of the many reasons why synthetic grass is ideal for you:

1. A zero-cost maintenance lawn

In today’s busy world, it’s a struggle to take out time for the maintenance of your lawn. A lush, green, manicured lawn requires hours of mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing, and de-weeding – not to mention that you also have to stay off it. When it comes to synthetic grass – there is no cost involved for maintenance, there is no downtime either and what is more, you do not need sunlight either!

2. Pet-friendly synthetic grass

If you’re a dog or cat owner, don’t be fooled by falling into the common trap of worrying that an artificial lawn simply isn’t suitable as pets actually love them. Synthetic grass is safe for pets and much more resilient than natural grass when it comes to wear and tear caused by pets.


Pets love synthetic grass lawns

Furthermore, pets love our synthetic grass as it is soft on their paws. The good news is that pet waste won’t negatively affect your synthetic grass lawn and is easy enough to scoop up and clean. Also, the tight but penetrable backing of our synthetic grass allows urine and fluids to drain. Not only that – there are no muddy paw prints to worry about anymore!

3. UV stabilized and lush & green all-year round

Be it summer, when natural grass is yellowing and yearning for water, or monsoons, when it is turning into a mud bath every time you use it, synthetic grass just keeps on giving without the need for any maintenance. While natural grass takes a lot of time to recover, synthetic grass doesn’t call for maintenance and is much more durable than the real one.


All-weather resistant

Rather than having to leave your natural grass lawn for weeks or months to recover, why not invest in synthetic grass and enjoy uninterrupted usage. Also, our UV stabilized synthetic grass ensures that the green you buy is the same green it remains no matter the years of usage.

4. No watering needed

To keep a lawn lush green requires a lot of water – a commodity that is both valuable and scarce. Watering is also hard work and can take hours. Weeks of no rain over the summer can lead to plenty of time spent with a hose or watering can. But synthetic grass needs no water.


Saves water as artificial lawns do not require watering


You could enjoy full savings on your water bill if you choose synthetic grass. The cost of installing artificial grass may be more than laying a natural one, but in a few years’ time you will see the return on your investment owing to zero maintenance costs and 100% usage all year-round.

5. No allergy causing seeds or fertilizers

During the months April to June, the air is thick with pollen, resulting in continuous sneezing and itchy eyes. And the last thing any sensitive person wants is to have to mow the lawn as it releases pollen in the grass that spreads everywhere.


No allergies or itchiness

But with synthetic grass, you can ditch the lawnmower and rest safe in the knowledge that you’ll no longer need to endure any discomfort. What is more, you don’t need to use fertilizers that contain chemicals or sow seeds that can add to your allergies.

6. The ideal solution for shaded areas

It is common for natural grass to turn brown and get moss-covered in shaded areas, such as under a tree. Real grass requires direct sunlight, whereas synthetic grass does not need require sunlight to survive. Hence, synthetic grass is guaranteed to remain the same shade of green all over and all-year round.

The ideal solution for shaded areas

No sunlight required

7. Synthetic grass also helps improve drainage

Synthetic grass is completely free-draining. The backing of the turf is perforated at regular intervals to allow water to drain out through the synthetic grass.

You no longer have the need to worry about a saturated lawn, and is a problem especially if the soil in your garden has a high clay content. By excluding soil and installing a penetrable sub-base, your drainage problems will now become a thing of the past!

8. Your front garden gets kerb appeal

When you have visitors the first thing that they notice is your garden. And we all know that first impressions are always important and a well-maintained garden, lush, green garden is sure to create an everlasting impression on your visitors.

our front garden gets kerb appeal


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