Creating the foundations to inspire the next generation of hockey players.

Creating the foundations to inspire the next generation of hockey players.

Hockey is becoming increasingly popular with players and spectators alike, with elite players providing a fast and skillful game.

All internationals, every top club match and almost every other game of hockey is now played on artificial grass hockey turf. Altius Sports has been conferred FIH Certified Field Builder status which means that we specialise in building hockey fields. We have a proven ability to construct fields to the standards the game requires as per FIH (Fdration Internationale de Hockey) norms. Our in-house civil engineering expertise ensures the design and construction of 11-a-side and Hockey 5s fields; we have a robust quality management system ensuring consistency in work along with a comprehensive maintenance service to our customers.

TigerTurf is not only an FIH Preferred Supplier, but is also the Official Supplier to Hockey Australia. TigerTurf was the preferred surface for the Youth Olympic Games at Buenos Aries, Argentina, in 2018 and is also the preferred surface for the Commonwealth Games at Birmingham, U.K., in 2022.

TigerTurf Hockey Systems conform to FIH Elite, FIH Global, FIH National & FIH Multi-Sports. Our hockey products are unfilled (Elite/Global), dressed (National) and filled (Multi-Sport), all meeting the FIH performance standards.

  Advantages and Benefits

TigerTurf Hockey Systems

TigerTurf offers hockey turf products for three different systems unfilled, dressed and filled. All meet the Federation of International Hockeys (FIH) performance standards.

Filled - TigerTurf's sand-filled hockey fields have excellent features
  • Hockey surfaces that are long lasting and offer excellent ball speed and foot traction
  • Multisport - ideal for not only hockey but also other sports

Unfilled TigerTurf WETT turf hockey fields are regularly used for international matches throughout the world
  • Where hockey players demand water turfs, the amount of water required is significantly reduced when compared with the requirement of other hockey turfs
  • Engineered to provide a playing surface that lasts longer and plays better

Dressed TigerTurf's sand-dressed hockey turfs feature densely tufted, soft polyethylene curled yarns that are part-filled with selected round sand
  • When laid over a rubber pad, all FIH "Global" playing standards are achieved and the need for water is eliminated
  • The special fibres provide a synthetic surface that plays like a 'wet field', whilst the sand layer supports the base of the fibres in strength without appearing on the surface
  • For the player, the game is enhanced; for the owner, money is saved

The creation of a hockey pitch

TigerTurf, and its parent company, TenCate Grass, have manufacturing plants around the world supplying world class, high performance, sports surfaces to municipalities, sports venues and clubs and education facilities around the world. With a TigerTurf synthetic turf sports system you are playing with the best.


Ashok Rathore | Founder & Director - Oscar Foundation

Oscar Foundation is a football development non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children and youth in low-income communities in India.

TBC Park Aizawl, Mizoram

Set on a hilltop with a breath-taking view, this ‘pay n play’ facility has encapsulated the interest of the people of Mizoram.

Tashi Namgyal Academy - Gangtok

Altius Sports designed synthetic turf surface for Tashi Namgyal Academy in Gangtok. The first in Sikkim to get the TigerTurf upgrade.

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